January Interterm 2014: India

Come with us to India!
16 Days
January 2014

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The itinerary for the January 2014 India trip is 16 DAYS LONG (!!) and includes

Mumbai (Bombay),
Agra (The Taj Mahal),
Khajuraho, and
The oldest living city in the world, Varanasi on the Ganges River.

Click Here for the full itinerary.
The Essence Of India!!

The cost of the trip is $3500,
including air fare, hotel, breakfast each morning,
buses, trains and domestic flights within India,
and guided tours at each location.

Four units can be earned via several course options that will be offered as directed studies to tailor course offerings to the needs of students who need general education, values and/or INTD credit, as well as students who want to take a major course.   Such courses as Issues in Anthropology, Women Across Cultures, Social Problems and Social Change are directed study options, and it is also possible to arrange an individualized independent study course for 4 units.  Tuition is free for traditional-aged students who are registered this Fall Semester;  CAPA students who wish to take a course must pay tuition.  You do not need to be registered for a class to go on the trip.

Students who are registering for a class will be assigned two books to be read before we leave on the trip.  The first is assigned to all students:
Kapur, Akash 2012    India Becoming:  A Portrait of Life in Modern India.
The second book is chosen from the bibliography (see link below) and should reflect a topic relevant to the class you are taking (eg.  book on globalization for Social Change, book on women or gender for Women across Cultures, book on poverty for Social Problems, etc).  Each book may only be read by one student, and that student is responsible for presenting some of the ideas from the book to the group while we are traveling.  This will give us a chance to sample information from many aspects of Indian life without having a long reading list that everyone must complete.  Please let me know when you have selected your second book from the bibliography so that I can let other students know that is is not available.
India Bibliography

Sharon and I are travel partners who LOVE to travel and who have experienced many corners of the world together, including China, Tibet, Turkey, India, Morocco and many countries in Europe.  We are passionate about sharing international travel with students.  University-based travel costs less and gives you a built-in support group and a set of companions with whom you can share the adventures of a new place and a new culture.   As group leaders, we are there to make sure that your experience is exciting, interesting, educational and safe.

For more information, contact Sharon and or me by coming by our offices (HB 107 or 105) or via email (sdavis@laverne.edu OR kmartin@laverne.edu).  We will need a first payment of $1750 by October 1, with the balance due by N0vember 6.  Make checks payable to Kimberly Martin.

Remember, if money is an issue, you can go to the Financial Aid office and ask that your financial aid be recalculated with an additional $4000 expenses to cover the cost of the trip.  Travel courses are part of a university experience and are legitimate expenses.  Most students get much if not all of a trip covered by financial aid.  If you want to explore this possibility, you should go to financial aid right away so that you will know what options you have.  The International Studies Office has several scholarships for travel courses, and these are awarded in the fall term.  Contact that office for more information.

See you at the meeting and/or email for answers to questions.  We can hardly wait to travel with you!!!